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Peritaciones Insulares S.L. has established itself as a company adapted to new technologies, using the latest IT equipment with multichannel platform and remote access. We use mobile applications for all our experts, allowing them to streamline tasks and send real-time information regarding interventions as well as professional technical equipment for assessment and determination of different physical parameters.


Thermography is a technique that can detect and record the different temperatures of a surface. By using the thermal imaging camera we can detect losses in enclosures and refrigeration equipment, moisture intrusion, overheating of lines and any other physical measurement determined by temperature variations. Infrared thermography is a digital vanguard technique that allows us to perform non-invasive detection.

Non-contact temperature detection

The optical pyrometer allows us to determine temperature zones or remote products.

Detecting moisture levels

We have equipment to detect moisture levels in all building materials through contact, both for determining the condition of foundations, as well as for fault finding.

Measurement of noise pollution

Noise pollution can be understood as the level of excessive and annoying noise caused by human activities (entertainment , traffic, aircraft, etc.) that produces negative effects on the auditory, physical and mental health.

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